Organizations opposing common core :

Pioneer Inst.* Freedom Works * Campaign for Liberty *Advance America * Americans for Prosperity *Indiana Family Institute * Indiana Republican Assembly * Empower Indiana * American Association of Christian Schools * American Principles Project * Cato Institute * Eagle Forum * Heartland Institute * Heritage Foundation * Home School Legal Defense Association * Former Atty. Gen. Ed Meese *

Grover Norquist * Pacific Research Institute *Public Policy Institute * Gov. Sarah Palin * Gov.Rick Perry * Phyllis Schlafly * Washington Policy Center * John Locke Foundation *

American Values * We The People * The

National Federation of Republican Women *Public Interest Institute * Concerned Womenfor America * Sutherland Institute


No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. Choice and flexibility guided by the parents and teachers who care most about the citizens of the future will  best achieve individual success and increase our nation's competitive strength.

There are 5 main concerns which cause us to reject Common Core:

1. DECREASED ACADEMIC QUALITY- despite the rhetoric coming from Commissioner Bennett, who lost his election in Indiana due to his support for Common Core, and groups that have a vested financial interest in the imposition of these standards, they are NOT rigorous.  Four members of the Common Core validation committee refused to sign off on the final version of the standards because:

  • No data was ever provided that Common Core is as rigorous as the standards of other high performing countries, or even Florida's existing standards.
  • According to Dr James Milgram, the only mathematician on the committee, the math standards will put students more than two years behind their international counterparts.
  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky, a nationally respected standards expert in English, stated the Common Core standards for graduation are at a 7th grade level.
  • Testing is counterproductive and inaccurate.  Read this. 

2. EDUCATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION-The standards were adopted without public hearing by the appointed State Board of Education.  No federal legislator, state legislator or county school board membervoted on these standards or their implementation.  Most have no understanding what is in them or how they will affect our children as they have never been piloted or benchmarked anywhere.Read this


3. LOSS OF LOCAL CONTROLThe standards are copyrighted by Washington DC trade groups funded by the federal government and the Gates Foundation.  They were required to be adopted word for word.  The federal government is paying for and overseeing the development of the national tests and model curriculum.  Although theoretically, districts can choose their own curriculum, the high stakes testing will determine district funding, student graduation, teacher pay and tenure.  Teachers and districts must adopt the federally created standards and curriculum or risk loss of funds.

4. DATA TRACKING- A state longitudinal database was required both by the stimulus bill and Race to the Top . Over 400 items will be recorded and shared with state, federal and commercial "stake holders".  These include religion, family composition (at risk status) discipline records and whatever they would like to gather in the future. InBloom is a data mining company funded by Bill Gates that will create and manage this data.

5.  ENSNARING RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS AND HOME SCHOOLS- College Board testing, ACT, SAT will be aligned with Common Core. Students seeking higher education will have a severe disadvantage if they have not used Common Core Curriculum.  Any schools taking vouchers or government money will be required to implement Common this

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