2/19/14 Here's an incredible article about horrible Pearson textbooks for young children in Tennessee.  http://joeforamerica.com/2014/02/sex-lies-current-tn-school-textbooks/

The letter below was printed entirely in Patriot Action Network with over 92,000 readers.  Here's the linkhttp://patriotaction.net/forum/topics/testimony-against-common-core-the-arrogance-of-the-department-of-?commentId=2600775%3AComment%3A6595224&xg_source=msg_com_forum


2/18/14  I must say, I was so proud to be among the dedicated and articulate speakers at the State Board of Education hearing today clarifying why we will NEVER give in to Common Core. Today’s impassioned testimony at the State Board of Education meeting in Orlando showed a disappointing and disgusting lack of respect on the part of the Chair, Gary Chartrand.

Here’s the link to the entire meeting: http://thefloridachannel.org/videos/21814-state-board-education-meeting/ It is WORTHWHILE to listen to the entire testimony. Every single one was excellent! You may wish to start after the full hour of awards, group photos and self-adulation, for which they had plenty of time. It is ironic to note how happy they are with the existing results and improvements WITHOUT Common Core.  I wonder, why are they are so anxious to change everything?

About 1hour 10 minutes in, Chair Chartrand begins the public comment and alerts us that instead of 3 minutes, he will only allow 2 minutes each and that no clapping would be allowed. After people began respectful clapping after a speaker at 1hour 16 minutes, it was my turn next and he interrupts me and again stops the proceedings to admonish the audience. I began by saying I object to the reduction of time and the lack of respect for the speakers who have traveled long distances for an opportunity to express their views. It is then he starts an argument with me, interrupting me again in an intimidating manner.

The audience responds as well. He again interrupt other speakers as they have difficulty chopping their well-crafted 3 minute speeches to 2. It is a continuation of the arrogance shown by the Department of Education, the Governor and some members of the state legislature.

We have been polite, they ignored us. We brought the experts to them and they said our facts were wrong. We said parents should be in control. They say the federal government knows best what to do with our kids. The State Board of Education in a unanimous vote, adopted the Common Core Standards with the minor changes they added many termed “lipstick on a pig.”

Far from being discouraged, the group gathered to talk about their next moves, and resolved never to allow Corporate Cronies who have greased the skids to sell our kids for their quest for money and power. They may have the money, but we have the truth and we will never sell our children out to the progressives who want a compliant citizenry called “Human Capital.”

We must redouble our efforts against this tyrannical child abuse called Common Core. Join our efforts. Our ads are spreading the word across the nation. You can help by going to www.ivbe.org and make a tax deductible contribution to our ads which are now playing in Florida and Pennsylvania. Contact the Governor: 850) 488-7146 http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/email-the-governor/ and tell him we will never stop and we will never vote for anyone who supports mainlining our kids with government propaganda. Tell your representatives to stand up for our kids and vote for a bill to STOP COMMON CORE.  Sincerely, Chris Quackenbush 239-823-2980

2/19/14 The Orlando Sentinel article about our event:  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/education/os-common-core-state-board-20140218,0,5256797.story

2/19/14 http://politics.heraldtribune.com/2014/02/18/state-education-board-adopts-revised-common-core-standards/